Shiloh Center for Community Outreach (SCCO) is incorporated as an organization that provides a “one stop” approach to human service programs on a community-based level. The mission of the SCCO is to “reach” outside the church community, to the general public, to provide services that will enhance the quality of life for all individuals within the communities served. The vision of the SCCO is to promote a positive and healthy community equipped with quality services. The Shiloh Life Center is essential to accomplishing the mission, and realizing the vision.

The Shiloh Life Center will be more than just a structure that houses sports and recreational activities. The facility will be a hub of activity, fostering a healthy lifestyle while creating a culture of acceptance, education, and personal development throughout the community in which it will reside. The primary focus of the services is to provide positive human empowerment and self-sufficiency with a concentration on the different domains of life.


As the name implies, the Shiloh Life Center will promote life, by providing the local community with:

  • the facilities necessary for citizens to improve physically
  • the programs necessary for citizens to improve mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • the employment opportunities necessary for citizens to improve financially

The Shiloh Life Center will accommodate a wide variety of customers within Swatara Township, and other surrounding Central Pennsylvania communities. Regardless of age, gender, background, or abilities, the Shiloh Life Center’s programs will be tailored to meet the multiple diverse demands of the individual citizens and families of the local communities. The Shiloh Life Center will also serve local schools, churches, businesses, and social clubs through partnerships, and the use of the Center’s state-of-the-art facilities and social programs.

Services will be provided through education, mentoring, guidance, activities of daily living and other strategies that will empower individuals to become productive and live a quality life.

Services will include but are not limited to:

  • recreational activities
  • senior care
  • child care
  • computer training
  • employment assistance
  • physical fitness
  • after school programs
  • substance abuse support
  • educational life skills
  • arts and culture
  • cultural competency
  • social services
  • referral services
  • partnerships/collaborations with other agencies in the community

A comprehensive fund-raising campaign is required to raise the capital necessary to make the Shiloh Life Center a reality. None of the capital required to build and/or maintain the Life Center will be in the form of tax dollars. Because this is a community endeavor, the majority of the funding to build the Shiloh Life Center will most likely come from private donations, grants, and other fund raising efforts. Since the Shiloh Life Center will provide an invaluable service to the entire community, it is fully expected that the community itself will respond to supporting the vision. It is only appropriate that the financial support or philanthropic efforts of the community will provide the foundation upon which the Life Center will be built. Support the vision today: